What's the Big Deal About Undercover Boss?

Have you ever watched the reality series ‘Undercover Boss’? The show follows high level executives as they go undercover in their own businesses. Throughout the process they are able to see their business in operation from the employees’ perspective. I like this show for a few reasons.

Inspiration to be the Boss

If you watch the show until the end, the boss eventually reveals themself to the employee. This could be a good or bad meeting depending on how the undercover experience went. During the undercover experience, the boss has gotten to know the stories of the employees. During the reveal meeting, the boss surprises the employees with gifts that will help the employee out of a current struggle. Many times the boss will pay thousands of dollars in bills, college tuition, vacations, living arrangements, etc.

The show inspires me personally to stay on course and to not give up in my business when things get tough. Why? Because ultimately my desire is to be the boss that has the capability to help my employees at that level. What is your ultimate desire as a business owner?

But what does it take to get to that level? Amongst other things, a scalable business is necessary. Sometimes, business owners, especially women, struggle to scale in business thus never reaching their full potential. Check out this report: Why Women Fail to Scale in Business to avoid the pitfalls.

See the Systems

Another major reason why I love the show is because the boss gets to see their business systems in operation. From this experience, they are able to evaluate the effectiveness of the systems. Sometimes they are able to see how beneficial the implementation of the systems have been. Other times, the boss sees that the system is not working and needs to be changed.

What can we learn from this show?

  1. Remember your ‘why’ in business

  2. Implement systems in order to scale

  3. Evaluate your systems to determine their effectiveness

So, where are you at in your business as it relates to your systems? Are you ready for growth? Schedule a call with me so we can discuss your next best steps: consultwithphylicia.as.me

Phylicia Henry