The Things That Suffer When You Don't Have Systems

Systems have the power to support and save your business. So imagine what can happen when you don’t have systems implemented. Things begin to fall apart and there is some suffering that takes place. But what exactly suffers when you don’t have systems?

Your Clients (or Customers)

Clients come to you for help and solutions. Systems help you deliver the solution to the client in a professional and efficient manner. Systems enhance the experience for the client. The lack of systems then, creates a bad experience for those that you serve. You forget to send an email. You are late delivering the product. The onboarding process is complicated. Clients do not receive the help and solutions they need in the best way, therefore causing them to suffer in the process.

Your Reputation

Word of mouth is still a major way that business is acquired. Why? Because people want to do business with those they Know, Like & Trust. But what if someone does not have that relationship with you yet? They will work with you based off of a referral of someone they Know, Like & Trust. If your client has a bad experience with you, you can guarantee that they will share that experience with everyone. Your reputation suffers. A bad reputation in business is hard to overcome. You have to work double-time to correct what was broken. It doesn’t matter if your work is amazing. Your reputation precedes you.

Your Bank Account

Bad client experiences and a bad reputation will cause your bank account to suffer. The client who had the bad experience with you will not become a repeat customer. Potential clients will not spend their money with you because of the bad reputation. We get into business to solve a problem and to make money. Don’t let your bank account suffer. Stop the suffering. Start with systems.

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Phylicia Henry